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do you think a 'bootleg series' is likely?

Prince: Music and More 09/18/20 3:41am

Kim Berry says she’s re-writing her 1st book

Associated artists & people 09/17/20 9:23pm

Record/CD/Cassette in your collection that you owned the longest

Music: Non-Prince 09/17/20 6:56pm

Moderation Made Easy ... site discussion 09/17/20 4:50pm


Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 4:46pm

Star Trek questionnaire

General Discussion 09/17/20 4:09pm

Sell Me on The Republican Platform

Politics & Religion 09/17/20 3:59pm

Not so fast... site discussion 09/17/20 3:58pm

COVID 19 -Europe

Politics & Religion 09/17/20 3:32pm

out now: I NEED A MAN

Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 3:05pm

Return of the Mack?

Associated artists & people 09/17/20 1:56pm

"Dave Chappelle on Prince’s Legacy: ‘He Literally Was a Sign of the Times’"

Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 10:56am

In light of the money being made now, should WB have caved in to Prince's demands in his lifetime?

Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 8:51am

I Need A Man released as final SOTT SDE Single

Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 8:04am

Clare Fischer's string arrangements deliberately being left out on recently released vault tracks?

Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 5:58am

Prince: The Story of Sign O' The Times, Episode 4: Strict and Wild and Pretty

Prince: Music and More 09/17/20 12:01am

His music reminds me of Prince

Music: Non-Prince 09/16/20 11:40pm

What artists had a major comeback which ended up being a late career 'magnum opus'?

Music: Non-Prince 09/16/20 7:29pm

Adam Levine Reveals What Prince Thought of His “Purple Rain” Cover

Prince: Music and More 09/16/20 4:56pm

Chris Rock Interview - Prince Mentions

Prince: Music and More 09/16/20 2:11pm

Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots for Troops

Politics & Religion 09/16/20 2:00pm

Bootsy Collins Announces New Record ‘The Power of The One’

Music: Non-Prince 09/16/20 12:34pm

Orgers, I need your help...

Prince: Music and More 09/16/20 10:35am

Casey Rain site discussion 09/16/20 9:33am

Would Obama be a shoo-in for Nobel Peace Prize if he accomplished what Trump has in the Middle East?

Politics & Religion 09/16/20 6:51am