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Thread started 02/23/19 11:55am


The Kate Bush Remasters: who has them & what do you think?

So far I only have The Red Shoes on vinyl and I really like what I hear. It bumps out of the speakers, especially the bass. So I'm happy with it. What about the rest of you?
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Reply #1 posted 02/24/19 3:16am


I’ll be getting the other sides CD that is being released outside of the second box set. Not tempted by the rest of the second CD box set. I went to the Hammersmith show and have the CD of that. The same CD without remastering is in the box. I have Directors Cut which was remakes of two other albums. No desire to get the remasters of the remakes. That just leaves Aerial and Snow which are albums I never listen to.

I may get the first CD box set as that has all the hit albums and I hear the remastering is good.

Overall, I think these releases were executed poorly. I have all her albums and her This Woman’s Work boxset already. Its a shame there aren’t any outtakes or unreleased tracks added to the remastered albums. Videos should have been included too. What’s more, the presentation of the boxes and albums does not promote desirability. Bit of a wasted opportunity. Would t surprise me if there is a repackaging of the material with some extras in a few years.
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Reply #2 posted 02/24/19 12:02pm



I didn't have to pay a dime for either boxed set. I sold (for credit) unwanted CD's to the local music store ($200.00 worth) and walked out with both. I was expecting the sound to be a little louder and it's NOT across 18 discs; it seems muddy. I wonder if the single 2018 remasters (CD) sound better. Not sure. Too afraid 2 invest from here. The boxes themselves are not attractive; no accompanying book 2b spoken of and there are lots of items that were left off. One in particular, "Ken," is on the "This Woman's Work" box from 1990 (which I also own) and not included on either of these. Also missing in action from the "Extended Mixes" disc are the 9:21 version of "Eat The Music." I feel cheated. I was SO EXCITED 2 bring both sets home and dive into 'em and now, I barely even have the desire 2 play them. I'll probably wait and sell 'em on Discogs when the time is right. How dare she present such incomplete packages to her adoring fans with inferior sound quality for such outrageous prices! Be it the work of the artist OR of the label, it's unacceptable. There have been a LOT of career-spanning boxed sets from other veteran artists in the past decade which offer MORE to the fans (with alternate takes, extended versions, hardcover books, etc...), but not in THIS case. All you get are 18 discs with no effort nor imagination put into 'em AND I bought her new book of lyrics, "How To Be Invisible" for an additional $25.00. THAT should have been included in the boxed set and not sold separately. When the former boxed set offers more than the current two, one must ask him/herself where the value is. Very hastily/sloppily compiled MESS all around. I'm disgusted personally.

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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > The Kate Bush Remasters: who has them & what do you think?