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Sticky: ** When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please READ ** OldFriends4Sale 0 12,692

Jan 25 2017 11:34am

  Sticky: Duane Tudahl's upcoming book "Prince and the Parade and Sign "O" the Times Era Studio Sessions: 1985 to 1986" BartVanHemelen 22 3,918

May 28 2020 9:46amjump to last reply
by Transformed1

  Sticky: Questlove's next four DJ sets will consist entirely of Prince music - Live Now BartVanHemelen 180 16,256

Jun 3 2020 11:47pmjump to last reply
by dorcassmith

  Sticky: Prince - April 21, 2016 The Day the Music Died luv4u 52 4,551

May 26 2020 9:58pmjump to last reply
by Astasheiks

  Sticky: Radio TrivialPursuit 29 2,819

Jun 1 2020 11:17pmjump to last reply
by ForceofNature

  Sticky: The Estate Discussion - Continued......... luv4u 10 1,683

May 29 2020 3:08pmjump to last reply
by PennyPurple

  Sticky: Prince YouTube to host streaming of Syracuse 85' concert - Starting May 14 - 3 Nights lustmealways 117 10,672

Jun 3 2020 11:48pmjump to last reply
by dorcassmith

  Sticky: Estate releases Dreamer from Paisley Park Rally 4 Peace, May 2, 2015 rogifan 13 1,732

Jun 1 2020 11:03pmjump to last reply
by Astasheiks

  Sticky: Sony/Legacy Release Date May 29 - Links to Legacy Threads Posted Within luv4u 2 834

Jun 2 2020 10:21pmjump to last reply
by Factor1

  It, Slow Love, It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night Poplife88 1 12

Today at 11:48amjump to last reply
by LovesexyIsThe1

  Having issues receiving recent releases from Amazon? Factor1 1 10

Today at 11:46amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Sign O The Times Super Deluxe Info JAYJOE 304 32,801

Today at 11:44amjump to last reply
by tmcjb

  Prince was... a "Client From Hell"? BartVanHemelen 33 1,946

Today at 11:21amjump to last reply
by purplethunder3121

  Sunglasses rap 12 623

Today at 10:43amjump to last reply
by lavendardrummachine

  Under the cherry moon is a great film Phase3 79 1,900

Today at 10:33amjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

Prince would have written the most epic protest song? funkman88 25 802

Today at 7:52amjump to last reply
by PRNelson

NewPowerRadio is BACK! DJ506 8 453

Today at 6:17amjump to last reply
by poppys

  THE RAINBOW CHILDREN - 1 CD luv4u 2 458

Today at 6:16amjump to last reply
by leecaldon

  Consistent Words/Themes Often Used by Prince in His Songs LadyDivah 63 1,383

Today at 2:24amjump to last reply
by SantanaMaitreya

  Heard Let's Go Crazy on the radio today AaronReturn2005 11 540

Today at 1:05amjump to last reply
by JorisE73

  1999 SD Sold Out. Did They Underestimate Sales? homesquid 7 1,135

Yesterday at 10:43pmjump to last reply
by Moonbeam

  The beautiful video from the beautiful experience getwild180 5 292

Yesterday at 10:39pmjump to last reply
by dodger

  Prince working with artists who abused drugs thebanishedone 72 3,672

Yesterday at 9:14pmjump to last reply
by heartpeacesheart

  I worked at a movie theater and would play my own music over the PA masaba 11 439

Yesterday at 7:16pmjump to last reply
by Germanegro

  How do you plan on celebrating Prince's Birthday? Phase3 22 505

Yesterday at 6:18pmjump to last reply
by jstar69

  George Floyd willie 2 280

Yesterday at 4:12pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  30 years ago..... GeurtWalraven 16 732

Yesterday at 2:04pmjump to last reply
by funkypixie


Yesterday at 11:59amjump to last reply
by IstenSzek

  If you had to rank Prince's albums in order from best to worst? hollywood0024 37 1,529

Yesterday at 9:04amjump to last reply
by Poplife88

  I Gotta Shake This Feeling, Baby - 1984 outtake bsprout 13 1,074

Yesterday at 7:48amjump to last reply
by JorisE73

Big City emesem 28 1,033

Yesterday at 6:27amjump to last reply
by mediumdry

Was this line directed at the press? WreckaStowWolf 15 782

Yesterday at 1:31amjump to last reply
by mediumdry

Sirius Radio Announces Prince Channel herb4 285 20,420

Yesterday at 12:13amjump to last reply
by purplethunder3121

The digital length of "Still Waiting"? WreckaStowWolf 5 463

Jun 3 2020 11:24pmjump to last reply
by embmmusic

  Wendy Melvoin on the origins of "Mountains" BartVanHemelen 409 17,199

Jun 3 2020 10:48amjump to last reply
by violetcrush

  THE RAINBOW CHILDREN (2LP / CRYSTAL CLEAR / 150G) luv4u 14 1,380

Jun 3 2020 1:55amjump to last reply
by Daveoooo

  Every time Prince referenced Minneapolis on record? sro100 11 466

Jun 2 2020 10:19amjump to last reply
by homesquid

  Batman workprints jjvz1989 0 373

Jun 2 2020 9:33am

  Estate Needs to Stream the Rally 4 Peace Video Tonight donnyenglish 13 859

Jun 2 2020 7:01amjump to last reply
by luv4u

  Is there a live version of "Something In The Water" from the 1999 tour in 1982? Themidwestcowboy 3 334

Jun 2 2020 4:17amjump to last reply
by Themidwestcowboy

  ONE NITE ALONE... LIVE! (4LP / PURPLE / 150G) luv4u 1 338

Jun 2 2020 1:22amjump to last reply
by zobilamouche

  When was Prince 4Ever released in a jewel case? PurpleMouse88 1 254

Jun 2 2020 12:02amjump to last reply
by BartVanHemelen

  At some point there is going to be another Purple Rain (reissue) lastdecember 2 390

Jun 1 2020 8:31pmjump to last reply
by woogiebear

  Which one year is the best? 85? 86? Or 87? AvocadosMax 10 481

Jun 1 2020 7:22pmjump to last reply
by violetcrush

  ‘U Make My Sunshine / When Will We B Paid’ Retail CD – Lossy sound quality! WTF? VaultCurator 49 1,999

Jun 1 2020 12:44pmjump to last reply
by funkaholic1972

  This Could be Us: AOA version or HNR version? lurker316 21 1,007

Jun 1 2020 9:39amjump to last reply
by fms

  "The secrets behind Prince's tone on Let's Go Crazy" BartVanHemelen 0 380

May 31 2020 1:49pm

  Prince's cloud guitar being auctioned? Funklov 39 2,673

May 31 2020 1:34pmjump to last reply
by BartVanHemelen

  YOUR Prince high point? "Do U believe? Cuz I know I do, now c'mon!" vinaysfunk 59 3,693

May 30 2020 5:47pmjump to last reply
by djmarch

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