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Mon 26th Jun 2017 3:20pm
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Sexy MF: Who's singing the chorus line?

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 2:58pm

EW&F--ultimate feel good song

Music: Non-Prince 06/26/17 2:58pm

What does everybody think about the new Geri Horner single?

Music: Non-Prince 06/26/17 1:48pm

Bootleggers Listen Up

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 1:03pm

No mention of Prince in guitar god front pager?!?

Music: Non-Prince 06/26/17 12:52pm

Trust issues for the extremely famous...(how media makes that worse)

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 11:49am

DUP deal with CONservatives UK

Politics & Religion 06/26/17 11:47am

30 Years of Jill Jones: Grown Folks Music Inside The Album Podcast

Associated artists & people 06/26/17 11:40am

Monkees Live - September 7, 1986

Music: Non-Prince 06/26/17 9:24am

Video: A message from THE NEW POWER GENERATION

Associated artists & people 06/26/17 8:50am

Videos: Greg Boyer talks about his musical journey with Prince

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 8:39am

Do u guys like the PR Deluxe or felt it should've been more expanded?

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 8:31am

Shouldn't the 5 PR promo videos be on YT? You know, precisely to... promote!

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 7:29am

Kat Graham's cover of "If Eye Could Get Your Attention"

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 6:39am

Morris Hayes Instagram Post concerning 10 albums of material from 2010 to AOA

Associated artists & people 06/26/17 6:15am

Pic of Prince via Morris Hayes Instagram.

Associated artists & people 06/26/17 5:52am

Tidal "black sweat" cover - who is this?

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 5:18am

Jill Jones Instagram post about Wonderful Ass being about Vanity.

Associated artists & people 06/26/17 4:56am

Prince Long Box Cassettes on Ebay, + Other Goodies...

The Marketplace: For Sale/Trade 06/26/17 4:42am

Interview with Kim Basinger with Prince mention

Associated artists & people 06/26/17 4:38am

Can anyone vouch for the vinyl PR remaster?

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 3:32am

Prince singing.. "it's in his -will- I've read it.." (Facedown), shocking P forgot a will himself..

Prince: Music and More 06/26/17 12:51am

Anybody got an extra ticket to "QUEEN " + Adam Lambert 6/26 OR 6/27?

Music: Non-Prince 06/25/17 11:44pm

7:03-long Hot Thing mix by Pettibone?

Prince: Music and More 06/25/17 10:21pm

What is the 1988 "WB Lovesexy commercial" (from City Lights remastered)??

Prince: Music and More 06/25/17 10:11pm