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Getting arrested on album release week.

Music: Non-Prince 11/21/18 4:16am

Cali Fire almost identical to new Rail line route......

General Discussion 11/21/18 3:46am

Sting vs. Juice Wrld

Music: Non-Prince 11/21/18 2:38am

Dear anti-Trumpers could you....

Politics & Religion 11/20/18 10:54pm

Avengers 4 predictions! (dead pool, really)

General Discussion 11/20/18 9:16pm

NPR names Beyonce as the 21st Century's Most Influential Woman in Music

Music: Non-Prince 11/20/18 7:07pm

Donna Grantis (PRINCE'S 3RDEYEGIRL & New Power Generation) Collaborates w/ Hall Of Fame Guitarist Mike McCready

Associated artists & people 11/20/18 6:52pm

I know Dez wrote it but I would kill for a Prince lead vocal track of this!!!

Prince: Music and More 11/20/18 5:37pm

Social Media Rhapsody

Politics & Religion 11/20/18 4:52pm

~POSiTiViTY ~ Have U had your PLUS Sign Today ?

Prince: Music and More 11/20/18 1:00pm

Trump, like Nazi collaborators, sides with Saudi’s and their money rather than morality.

Politics & Religion 11/20/18 12:50pm

Since we're bored as hell: what would be your favorite "what if" scenarios?

Prince: Music and More 11/20/18 11:54am

Hopeless Believer

Politics & Religion 11/20/18 9:41am

According to Tyka his favorite color was orange...

Prince: Music and More 11/20/18 7:45am

Aquaman' Dons His Classic Outfit in Final Trailer

General Discussion 11/20/18 7:15am

PRINCE'S Paisley Park starts program with Minneapolis Public Schools

Prince: Music and More 11/20/18 5:22am


Politics & Religion 11/20/18 12:08am

P-Funk All Stars "Thin Ice"

Music: Non-Prince 11/19/18 5:03pm

Why do bad (and or good) things come in threes?

General Discussion 11/19/18 3:21pm

Eric benet dated Mani for two months before realizing she was P Ex ( ARTICLE)

Associated artists & people 11/19/18 11:07am

Org Ideas for Ava DuVernay

Prince: Music and More 11/19/18 10:31am

What's the one cause you care about & are you doing anything about it?

General Discussion 11/19/18 6:06am

Final Rate The Last Movie You Watched for 2018!

General Discussion 11/18/18 4:12pm

Sherri Shepherd talks dancing with Prince

Prince: Music and More 11/18/18 4:08pm


Prince: Music and More 11/18/18 3:58pm