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According to Tyka his favorite color was orange...

Prince: Music and More 47


Politics & Religion 102

Buried 90s/00s gems that could've been massive chart hits for Prince

Prince: Music and More 47

Who still listens to Prince albums from start to finish?

Prince: Music and More 21

Prince and powers

Prince: Music and More 81

The Rave album was a flop. Unfair?

Prince: Music and More 69

Prince and the movie "Showgirls"?

Prince: Music and More 59

Remember- Trump could STILL WIN in 2020 !

Politics & Religion 58

The shitstorm that is Brexit

Politics & Religion 22

Do You Have An ID To Buy Cereal? (Voter Fraud)

Politics & Religion 34

I've seen the future and it will be...

General Discussion 60

Article: Jamie Foxx Talks Partying with PRINCE

Prince: Music and More 29

Poll: Trump has little support for reelection bid

Politics & Religion 24

Song of The Summer 2018 - what was it?

Music: Non-Prince 23

Senator Mitt Romney

Politics & Religion 53

"Prince Estate Awarded $4 Million Judgment Against Late Singer’s Producer"

Prince: Music and More 37


General Discussion 31

Advert banned from television for being too political - what says you?

Politics & Religion 21

What Was Prince's Biggest Miscalculation?

Prince: Music and More 233

Are black Ferguson protesters being killed for protesting?

Politics & Religion 29

Stan Lee dies at 95

General Discussion 73

Did Prince & Ingrid Chavez get her sound from Superman?

Prince: Music and More 23

Why Trump will remain POTUS after the 2020 election

Politics & Religion 131

Playlist help wanted; Prince songs with a social/political aspect

Prince: Music and More 22

eBay Prince is getting to be ridiculous!

Prince: Music and More 24