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Travis Barker & Marshmello drum battle at 2017 Coachella

Music: Non-Prince 04/24/17 9:45am

Bananarama to Reunite After 29 Years

Music: Non-Prince 04/24/17 9:38am

Kurtis Blow Explains That Prince Paid for "King Holiday" Video

Prince: Music and More 04/24/17 9:11am

Shelby J's new album "10"

Associated artists & people 04/24/17 5:48am

Paisley Park planning Xenophobia event for fall

Fan Gatherings 04/24/17 5:28am

Vault tracks - 50 years until anyone can release them?

Prince: Music and More 04/24/17 5:00am

Highlights from the weekend

Associated artists & people 04/24/17 3:06am

Ed Rogers is a war mongering journalist for the Washington Post and also works for a PR company that represents Raytheon

Politics & Religion 04/23/17 11:59pm

LA/OC fans

Fan Gatherings 04/23/17 10:56pm

Video: Prince on Allen Beaulieu's Photos "Wow, that's really bad"

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 10:07pm

Prince fans traveled thousands of miles, spent thousands of dollars to be at Paisley Park this weekend

Fan Gatherings 04/23/17 9:20pm

Video: "Damaris Lewis: Prince's 'Black Muse'"

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 8:13pm

Candy Dulfer's tributes to Prince

Associated artists & people 04/23/17 7:39pm

FOX just asked!??

Politics & Religion 04/23/17 7:01pm

CHance Howard's vegan barbeque story

Associated artists & people 04/23/17 6:44pm

Andre Cymone/Jesse Johnson/Wendy and Lisa solo work

Associated artists & people 04/23/17 6:23pm

Beware of shady Dez Dickerson interview in UK media

Associated artists & people 04/23/17 4:31pm

""Everywhere and nowhere at the same time"...What a sad statement.

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 3:54pm

Day 4 Review

Fan Gatherings 04/23/17 3:41pm

Imagine the emotional insight Prince might have attained

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 3:36pm

Feast your eyes

General Discussion 04/23/17 2:07pm

Prince~ IDEAL Box Set 1978-2015

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 1:11pm

Paisley Park announces there will be a Celebration event next year

Fan Gatherings 04/23/17 12:51pm

Raspberry Beret Video: Prince Told Wendy He Looked Like The Hulk (Lou Ferrigno)

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 12:07pm

I Wish U Heaven/Scarlet Pussy (Lovesexy/Black Album)

Prince: Music and More 04/23/17 11:27am