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More Grammys for Janet

Music: Non-Prince 11/19/17 4:48pm

A subject no one wants to discuss--Bullying

General Discussion 11/19/17 3:59pm

The cutest Story I've heard of today.

General Discussion 11/19/17 3:35pm

Author Duane Tudahl "Prince: Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions" on WVOF Upper Room with Joe Kelley 11/20 6pm-8pm EST

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 11/19/17 3:28pm

Piano Chords for the song Dark - does anyone know?

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 11/19/17 2:11pm

Why does some people think "Call My Name" is about Manuela?

Associated artists & people 11/19/17 1:27pm

MAYTE's new 2018 calendar

Associated artists & people 11/19/17 1:01pm

The case for apostasy hunting.

Politics & Religion 11/19/17 12:39pm

Love bizarre

Associated artists & people 11/19/17 8:54am

R.P.M - Shawnna

Music: Non-Prince 11/19/17 7:49am

Happy 21st birthday, Emancipation!

Prince: Music and More 11/19/17 6:48am

Randy Crawford

Music: Non-Prince 11/19/17 6:40am

Millionaire donor threatens Democrats: Cenk tells him to "fuck off"

Politics & Religion 11/19/17 5:52am

My new website!

General Discussion 11/19/17 4:26am

Fave Norman Lear produced shows?

General Discussion 11/18/17 8:50pm

12 reasons why you should not eat turkey every again

General Discussion 11/18/17 8:22pm

When Prince hears this he's gonna be sooooo...?

Prince: Music and More 11/18/17 8:18pm

Prince, Bowie cameo as beta humans in Justice League movie

Prince: Music and More 11/18/17 5:41pm

The Weekend of Death - 2017

General Discussion 11/18/17 5:37pm

David Cassidy in Critical Condition

Music: Non-Prince 11/18/17 2:07pm

ThanksGiving holiday ideas & traditions?

General Discussion 11/18/17 8:47am


Music: Non-Prince 11/18/17 7:19am

Prince on Gregory Porter’s Popular Voices on BBC 4

Prince: Music and More 11/18/17 6:18am

Is the song "The Question Of U" sometimes spelt with a question mark?

Prince: Music and More 11/18/17 3:57am

Was Prince going for a goth sound with "Thunder"?

Prince: Music and More 11/18/17 3:56am