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Thread started 05/14/18 2:28pm


Neil Young got it right....

I want to share with you that I have made a place for my music to live.

It will also be the place where I live on the web. I won’t be here.

I wanted a place where I could hear my music from the very beginning, from the high school bands I was in, to my latest recordings-audio and visual. I wanted to be able to hear it all, all the sound, all the sound I heard when I made those records and poured my heart and soul into every one, the good and the bad, the great and the ‘should be gone’. They are all there in the new place.

A giant time machine cabinet.

There are files and files for years and years, all full of music. Albums and tracks, bits and pieces, manuscripts and art, film and video. I live there.

Each song is being backed up with the archival material that relates to it and to the creation of it, from song writing to band jams, the history of this music is there. It’s never finished, it is huge and growing. We work night and day expanding the window you can see this archival stuff through.

Come and visit the cabinet and take a look inside. If you like my music, this should be a good place to wander and spend the light and dark hours.

I am here now, reaching out to you, but I wont be here for long, I’ll be there at NYA with my music, new and old. I’ll be on the Timeline. Every day, I will be choosing the song of the day. I will be there writing, ruminatIng and ramblIng. We have a newspaper ( The Times-Contrarian ) full of updates, projects and upcoming events related to my music.

If you want to hear my music and would like to have the option to listen to it with all the depth and glory of high resolution, it will be there. All my new records can be heard there first, before they get released anywhere else. New unreleased albums from the archives, old unreleased albums from the archives. Will always be heard there first.

Our machine is a monster.

Tickets to all our shows will be offered there first, and occasionally we will have surprise live streams from our Hearse Theatre, for those who can’t attend. We just streamed the 5/5/18 NYCH Reunion. Right now we are offering the best seats in the house for a short series of SOLO shows in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and Boston to our NYA Community friends and members first, before tickets are made available to the public. After June 1, our presale tickets will be available to members only, so join us if you can.

The place is called NYA.

It stands for, in the language of the day.

It’s free to everyone now.

As of June 1 there will be memberships available at $1.99 a month, or $19.99 per year.

Parts of NYA will always be free.

You can always be there.

This place is made for you to get the best of me. I appreciate you and want you to always have the first choice.

Hope to see you there.


portable this fall. on the web now

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Reply #1 posted 05/14/18 2:38pm



It's a great idea.

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Reply #2 posted 05/14/18 3:58pm


He sure did. I would have been in bliss to have access to all things Prince in the comprehensiveness that this site promises to have. As a Neil Young fan but not as hardcore as for Prince, I still may consider delving into this.

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Reply #3 posted 05/14/18 4:01pm


That site looks like Neil made it himself lol Old and slow...

Nothin against Neil, he's in my top 10 male artists cool

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Reply #4 posted 05/14/18 4:21pm



Well it's better then nuthin we got with Prince.

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Reply #5 posted 05/15/18 8:34am





I don't like him. mad

Edmonton, AB - canada

Ohh purple joy oh purple bliss oh purple rapture!
"I kind of wish there was a reason for Prince to make the site crash more" ~~ Ben
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