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Thread started 05/01/18 9:01pm





Drummer John "Jabo" Starks

Eric Leeds

· 2 mins ·

Drummer John "Jabo" Starks has passed away. He played with Bobby Bland's band for several years and on many of Bland's greatest hits. But in 1965 he started playing with the James Brown Orchestra and became a member of one of the most iconic rhythm sections ever. Jabo was the last surviving member of the section that included fellow drummer Clyde Stubblefield, bassist Bernard Odum, and guitarists Jimmy Nolen and Alphonso Kellum. Together they helped James Brown create music t...he likes of which had never been heard before and wrote the "book" for all who followed. Clyde was most known for his playing on "Cold Sweat", "I Got That Feeling",etc., songs that had that patented syncopation that came to define funk. But JABO lived on the other side of the same groove, where the accent was on the upside of the kick drum, the groove known as a "shuffle". NOBODY good swing this groove like Jabo. But don't take my word for it. Check out his playing on "Kansas City" from James Brown Live at The Apollo Vol.2. When I was 15 years old, on Easter Sunday ,1967, at the Penn Theater in Pittsburgh, I stood backstage in the wings watching, listening and feeling the ground shake as Jabo kicked the baddest band in the ass on that very song. That's where and when I lost my "musical virginity" !
I've experienced many musical moments over the years every bit as hip as that, but NONE better. Don't think it's humanly possible.
RIP Mr. Starks. You lived your life ON THE ONE !!

Edmonton, AB - canada

Ohh purple joy oh purple bliss oh purple rapture!
"I kind of wish there was a reason for Prince to make the site crash more" ~~ Ben
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Reply #1 posted 05/01/18 9:37pm


I'm over here now with some
Sex Machine
Soul Power
Talking Loud & Saying Nothing
Super Bad
Ants in My Pants
Get on Good Foot
Stoned to the Bone
There it Is
Doing It To Death
Papa Don't Take No Mess
Make it Funky
I'm a Greedy Man
Hot Pants
Get It Together
Let Yourself Go
Don't be a Dropout
Lickin Stick
Money won't change You
Bring it Up

.....and then some to be continued.
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Reply #2 posted 05/07/18 11:18am



WOW I hadn't heard this news. Rest In Peace, Jabo!

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