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Fri 20th Apr 2018 3:10pm
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Thread started 04/15/17 1:12pm


The Purple Party is coming to Jacksonville on May 20th!!!

The world's premiere Prince Tribute Party is coming to Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, Fl!

DJ OB-1 Benobi, owner of the most polished Prince video library in the world, will be teaming up with local great NICKFRESH for this iteration of the "The Purple Party," which has delighted audiences across the country.

Hosting the event will be the "Imprincenator," out of Savannah, Ga.

Not just a music event, this party features several staples, such as dance contests, trivia, a photo booth and more!

When: Saturday, May 20th (Doors open at 8 pm)

Who: All ages

Where: Jack Rabbits (1528 Hendricks Avenue)

$5 in advance/$8 at the door. TICKETS can be PURCHASED at:

Press Release

Savannah promoter brings Prince passion to Jacksonville
Ben Umbreit’s latest Prince Party will paint Jack Rabbits Purple

When Prince passed away in April, the world lost one of its greatest musical geniuses. Though the artist is gone, his music—and his legacy—is very much alive. On May 20th at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, his music will power another installment of The Purple Party.

Savannah-based DJ/impresario Ben Umbreit is the man behind The Purple Party, which has delighted audiences throughout the Southeast, including Atlanta, Savannah, Columbia, Hilton Head, Statesboro, Jacksonville and beyond.

What is a Purple Party? According to Umbreit, it’s “an all-encompassing purple extravaganza. It’s not just about Prince’s music—it’s an event featuring a full night of DJs spinning all things Prince, including hits, lost tracks, music from his many protégés, purple drink specials and tons of surprises.”

Since Prince’s untimely death, Umbreit says the parties have become “more emotional.”

“The interest is higher from the general public,” he says. “It’s not just Prince fanatics—we have so many people who have been coming to the parties who didn’t realize that they were so touched by his music.”

This installment of Umbreit’s Purple Party will feature a photo booth, trivia and prizes for most enthusiastic partygoers (costumes encouraged!). Past parties have featured a fully operational pancake bar, performances from local talent, including a Prince impersonator and much, much more. In short, expect surprises.

Umbreit will pull material from his collection of more than 2,100 Prince and Prince-related tracks, and 2 Terabytes of video.

Umbreit, a longtime Savannah resident, considers himself among the world’s most fervent Prince fans. It all started in 1993, when his mother signed up for the BMG music club. “I accidentally opened the $50 dollar 3-CD hits/b-sides collection and my mother yelled at me and made me pay for it,” he says. “The collection sat on my dresser for weeks before I decided to finally give it a chance. The first song was Prince’s ‘Controversy,’ I became instantly fascinated by what I was hearing.”

Umbreit grew more passionate when he went to the music store and realized that Prince had the biggest section in the place. He decided to collect everything Prince had ever released.

Fast-forward to today, where Umbreit is hosting his Purple parties throughout the Southeast. He understands that artists who have great legacies need great keepers of that legacy, Umbreit believes it's incumbent upon the fans to keep Prince’s legacy alive.

“For me, Prince is all about transcendence,” Umbreit says. “I’ve seen, first hand, the way he can profoundly empower people. Throughout his life, we saw how he transcended gender, race, musical genres, his weirdness and his limitations. What he represented has taken on a life of its own. The Purple Party is a way for anyone who was touched by Prince’s music to celebrate that transcendence.”

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Umbreit was featured in a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary film on Prince fans dubbed, “The Purple Circle”:

On Facebook: 25 Shades of Purple:


Instagram/Twitter hashtag: #Purplehead

Available for interviews:

- Ben Umbreit

About Ben Umbreit:

Ben Umbreit has been so inspired by Prince's music that he has traveled the world collecting it and wants to share it with people in a fun, party environment. This isn't just a DJ show, it's an entire event, featuring guest performances, video production, costume contests, themed drinks, decorations, memorabilia and a whole lot of purple. In addition, Ben hopes to bring attention to Prince's contributions to pop culture and his revolutionary influence on the music industry. Ben is fascinated by Prince’s lifelong quest for spiritual and religious truths and seeks to present it in a manner that is entertaining and enlightening.

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Forums > Fan Gatherings > The Purple Party is coming to Jacksonville on May 20th!!!