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Thread started 11/12/17 6:37pm


What I'd like to tell Prince (After reading Mayte's Book and my personal story with him)

So, I read Mayte's book a while ago. But there's a thing that always followed me after it. For those of who have read Mayte's book, we know how she felt when the baby died, she talked about her feelings.

But we don't know what went throught P's mind through the whole thing and after it. Sure he was sad, I mean it's obvious in the Oprah Interview. But I'm talking about something deeper. He never talked about that subject, he didn't even tell the public that Amiir was dead. And the whole thing endet ........... well not very nice. He annuled the marriage to Mayte.

I'm that kind of person that tries to think about how my fellow people might feel when a tragedy like this happens, I try it because, it helps you to give them the help they might need to get through this. And it was not any different after reading this book and that chapter.

I thought about so much, I thought: Did he feel guilty? Did he believe that what happened to Amiir was kind of his fault?

I think Mayte stated that Prince thought that his son was punished because of his behaviour when he was younger.

So, I was like, thinking, what if he never stopped thinking this way? And then I said: "Man if I had the chance to go back and talk to him, what would I tell him to get rid of these poisening thoughts?"

I would tell him what a great father he was to Amiir in those short six days of his life. Six days, but I bet he felt that his Dad was with him all the time. I would tell him that Amiir's condition had nothing to do with his or his decisions in the past, I would tell him that thinking like that is a punishment no one deserves.

Hey, you did your best, right Prince? And sometimes, all we can do for our loved ones, is staying by their side, because the rest isn't in our hands. And he was with Amiir, he didn't leave his side. And that's all he could've done anyways. Amiirs condition did not allowe him to survive. Could Prince know that? No, but he couldn't prevent it either.

If I had the chance to tell him anything, I would tell him, that he did all he could, it wasn't his fault. I'd repeat it a thousand times if that would make him stop thinking this way. Because I think that this might have broke him.

But there's also another thing I'd like to tell him, a thing I really thought of that I would be able to do when I get my shit together. But then he died.

I always wanted to tell him how he saved my sould in 2015. I was in a really dark place, I had anxiety attacks every day, I couldn't leave the bed. And one day, I found a Song on my Phone that I totally forgot of. It was Purple Rain and I remember the feeling when I heard it for the first time in like, two years. It was so much more helpful than my AD, it was really uplifting. And it really helped to get out of bed and start to live my life again.

I thought that I could meet him one time and say: "Hey Prince, I just wanted to thank you, because without your song, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed, you made me happy again. Thank you for that."

But I never got the chance, because his life ended a year later. It often aches my heart to know that I can never tell him that, but then there's my hope that there's really something after this life and maybe I'll meet him when my time runs out and then I'll tell him what I wanted him to tell.

And if there's any chance that, wherever he is now, if he can read what we write down on this forum: "Thank you Prince, for all you've done, I miss you."

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