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Flex your debating skills on more serious topics such as world politics, history, religion, racial issues etc. Keep it friendly though!

Interested in discussing your political or religious views? Then this is the forum for you. Civility, respect and tolerance must be maintained at all times. Disagree if you wish, but do not attack other individuals on the basis of their beliefs. Remember there is no right or wrong opinion. Any deletion of combative, bigoted or insensitive comments should not be construed as denial of your individual right to air your own opinion ; we only attempt to maintain an inclusive forum.


One last thing: PLEASE do not copy articles verbatim from other sites or post videos without comment! If you want to quote something, or post a video, fine... say where it comes from, provide a link, and also provide ANALYSIS and INSIGHT of your own. We're here to discuss and debate ideas we actually hold. So make your opinion clear, and remember to do so with civility.

The moderators for this forum are: June7, luv4u, Mars23, OldFriends4Sale.

Note: be sure to read the rules!

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  Sticky: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST IN P&R Mars23 0 14,030

Oct 21 2009 9:48pm

Sticky: Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ) OldFriends4Sale 0 4,242

Apr 21 2015 6:06am

Sticky: When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read OldFriends4Sale 0 2,374

Jul 15 2016 5:42am

  March For Our Lives - youth rules poppys 73 495

Today at 8:22pmjump to last reply
by poppys

  Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says ‘hush agreement’ invalid because he never signed luv4u 314 3,778

Today at 7:11pmjump to last reply
by poppys

Is Islam a Religion of Peace ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali OldFriends4Sale 300 3,341

Today at 6:42pmjump to last reply
by Ace

  Doorstep Bombings morningsong 164 1,381

Today at 1:16pmjump to last reply
by SuperFurryAnimal

Black Panther is coming, but... 2freaky4church1 199 3,307

Today at 11:24amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Officer faces murder charge in Australian woman's shooting death Astasheiks 59 570

Today at 5:27amjump to last reply
by 2elijah

  Karen McDougal Interview w/Anderson Cooper Musicslave 50 377

Today at 4:55amjump to last reply
by SuperFurryAnimal

  Donald Trump may not be able to fire Robert Mueller. So he's doing the next best thing. luv4u 40 356

Yesterday at 11:38pmjump to last reply
by poppys


Yesterday at 11:34pmjump to last reply
by poppys

  WHATEVER TRUMP DID/is doing poppys 62 696

Yesterday at 10:58pmjump to last reply
by poppys

  Trump's New Budget benni 7 94

Yesterday at 2:21pmjump to last reply
by 13cjk13

  Robin DiAngelo, Deconstructing white privilege. 2freaky4church1 67 574

Yesterday at 9:57amjump to last reply
by poppys

  Stevie Wonder on new Louis Farrakhan album rogifan 51 1,075

Yesterday at 8:31amjump to last reply
by jjhunsecker

  And...... McMasters is OUT DiminutiveRocker 3 74

Yesterday at 7:55amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  Facebook + Cambridge Analytica +Trump Campaign +Russia DiminutiveRocker 17 155

Yesterday at 6:07amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

Study says: Sons of Rich Black Families Still at Risk Dasein 12 205

Mar 22 2018 9:17pmjump to last reply
by TD3

  Trump fills his administration "with only the best and most serious people." benni 22 731

Mar 22 2018 7:15pmjump to last reply
by benni

  The definitions of world economy explained... with 2 cows CherryMoon57 48 626

Mar 22 2018 6:59pmjump to last reply
by 214

  'TRUMPLAND: KILL ALL NORMIES' documentary charts the rise of the alt-right deebee 0 40

Mar 22 2018 4:25pm

  Q: Why hasn't White America given up racism? Graycap23 475 5,076

Mar 22 2018 3:54pmjump to last reply
by uPtoWnNY

  TRUMP CONGRATULATES PUTIN DiminutiveRocker 10 112

Mar 22 2018 12:56pmjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  A Black Man Goes UnderCover in the Alt-Right benni 4 137

Mar 21 2018 1:50pmjump to last reply
by paisleypark4

Noam Chomsky: How the US supports the drug trade. Yes. 2freaky4church1 1 43

Mar 21 2018 11:15amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

Another mass shooting in Florida, part 2 2freaky4church1 490 5,223

Mar 20 2018 2:15pmjump to last reply
by poppys

  OJ Simpson the lost confession!! Settle this once and for all! SuperFurryAnimal 103 1,223

Mar 19 2018 8:51amjump to last reply
by jjhunsecker

  Trump finally imposing sanctions on Russia benni 19 244

Mar 19 2018 7:51amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1

  Social credit scores in China COMPUTERBLUE1984 4 138

Mar 18 2018 6:49amjump to last reply
by leecaldon

  Democrat Conor Lamb Wins Deep Red PA Special Election RodeoSchro 16 266

Mar 17 2018 4:03pmjump to last reply
by poppys


Mar 16 2018 6:28pmjump to last reply
by LadyLayla

  Trump jr.'s wife has filed for divorce luv4u 6 234

Mar 16 2018 3:21pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  Trump Just Fired Tillerson Musicslave 37 526

Mar 16 2018 11:38amjump to last reply
by poppys

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Explosions in Austin 2freaky4church1 4 158

Mar 16 2018 9:35amjump to last reply
by 3rdeyedude

National Geographic Special Issue on race morningsong 46 578

Mar 15 2018 10:01pmjump to last reply
by jjhunsecker

  Trump admitted he made up facts during meeting with Trudeau benni 17 253

Mar 15 2018 7:12pmjump to last reply
by lust

Should Feds talk to Farrakhan? 2freaky4church1 18 272

Mar 15 2018 12:34pmjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

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