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Mon 19th Mar 2018 11:04pm
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Thread started 02/05/18 10:23pm





Thank You for Your Kind Words Regarding the Loss of My Son

My son, Alex René Sanchez-Robinson, was born in June 22, 1997.

Later, that very year while enjoying my time with my children as a stay-at-home dad, and having had recently bought my first desktop computer, and when searching for all things Prince related, I would find this strange purple and black website that was unofficially dedicated to Prince, someone whom I've loved and followed since 1979.

In the year 2000, I was asked to join the moderating team after submitting my name for consideration when Ben had announced that he was considering new moderators.

During Alex's entire life, I had been involved in this site.

All my children grew up with Prince playing in the background, or being seen subtly in the background or with the color purple somewhere around the house.

Let me just say they grew up knowing who Prince is/was.

Though my wife and I had split up in 2007, we remained great friends. When I moved to Los Angeles, my oldest boy came to live with me and Alex stayed with his mom in Bakersfield. Our daughter, 8/9 years older than the boys, had long moved out for college and then with her fiancé.

My son loved music and they loved Prince. When he passed away, unbeknownst to me, we had both separately taken our sons to one of the tribute shows of Purple Rain at the local cinema. I was a mess during that time, and later, when I talked to my Ex about this and that, she had mentioned that Alex had really wanted to go to the tribute show, and that she took him, and told me when it was over, he put his head in his arm resting on the chair in front of him and just sobbed at the loss of someone so permanently featured throughout his childhood and young adult life.

I never really thought about what an impact my musical tastes and heroes would have on my children. But, of course ... why wouldn't it?

When Alex would come to LA to see a show he had tickets for, his mother would bring him and they would stay at my place over night, and leave the following day after we all did breakfast, or went out for kicks. Such was the case for this last K-Flay (?) concert at the Fonda Theatre.

They stopped at my place and when it was time, his mother and I took our boys to the theatre and dropped them off. I was remarking to Alex that i was really proud of how he followed through on things. How if he knew a musician or group that he admired was going to play somewhere, he would get tickets and make arrangements to see them, and that I was glad to see someone in the family who loved live concert experiences like I did. I told him I ws proud of him.

At the venue, i got out of the car, hugged him and told him I loved him, and he told me he loved me too. I hugged my other son, Andres, and told him the same thing. They both jaunted off together laughting and walking towards the venue.

It was the last time I'd see Alex alive.

Andres called saying that they were ready to be picked up but, that Alex was acting weird and Liz could hear that Alex was shouting Andres' name very strangely and with a sense of worry. He said they weren't in front of the theatre anymore, that Alex had run off down the street and now they were on Sunset Blvd. He followed him as Alex. When Alex came upon a construction site, he jumped the fence and kept walking/sprinting. Andres stopped at the fence and kept looking for his brother. It was right then that we arrived at the site.

Andres told us Alex jumped the fence, and went into this construction site but didn't know where he went to after. We looked into the site, and it was pitch black dark. You couldn't see five feet in front of you, but I directed my face towards the site and loudly called Alex to come back out. I walked around the block and several other blocks looking for him and calling his name. Back to the site, we waited and called to him. Nothing.

Liz said that sometimes when they get in a little tiff he would take off out the door, but would always call when he settled down and she'd go pick him up. By now it was 2am, and we were beat. She said that's probably what he's doing now, we'll go home and wait for his call.

It never came.

The next day we were back out there looking for him, this time with pictures and words next to him saying, "MISSING - ALEX SANCHEZ-ROBINSON - AGE 20 - 6' TALL - 130 LBS". That and some contact information, and we walked all over Hollywood Blvd showing people and asking locals and tourists. When i happened upon a police officer on the sidewalk, I showed him the poster, and asked if they could keep an eye out for him and as soon as we reach this 24 period of him being missing, we'd go report him missing. He said, why wait, go to the station now and do it! I told him I was told there was a 24 hour waiting period, and he said that was only on TV shows, it's a big misconception. When I heard that we ran to the police station to do just that.

When we got into the station, I went to the counter and explained what had taken place. The desk officer took one of the pictures I had and went into the back to discuss this situation and he would be right back. When he returned about five minutes later, there was a sergeant with him who took it over from there. He asked a lot of questions, what was he wearing, where did we last see him, what he was feeling like when he left, etc., and we gave him what we knew and our other son was then called into a back room to talk with a detective that had arrived, and we'll talk to him after.

All this time I thought, okay, they have him in custody, probably under the influence of something, and we'll just take him home, hug him, then yell at him later ... we just want him home right now. That was my plan, if he were arrested (which by now, at that moment, would have been a good thing, as long as he was safe) we'd pay his bail and just get him home and then tell him to knock that shit off! That conversation never took place.

Instead, about a half hour after Andres returned from talking with the detective, all three of us were called into the room. The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was that there were three people standing in the room, the detective the sergeant and a chaplain. When I noticed the chaplain, I immediately started saying, "no, no, no ... " and shaking my head back and forth. They asked me to have a seat, and I kept repeating, "no, no, no ..." and it was then that the detective said rather directly "I'm sorry, your son is dead."

I don't remember a lot of what took place immediately after hearing those words, but it wasn't good. I freaked out and there was a lot of yelling and denial, and I evetually bolted out of there crying and yelling at the top of my lungs for Alex, and that it couldn't be, and on and on ... Finally, there was someone next to me, just staring at me, and kneeling there on the front steps of the entrance to the department (I had dropped to my knees and was sobbing). He introduced himself as a grief counselor sent by the mayor's office to help with grieving people. Again, everything was a blur and my life has not been the same since this incident.

Now it was around midnight, and we were asked if we would like to go to the coroner's office to identify the body, as they never found an ID or his wallet or cell phone. Prior to our arrival, he was listed as a 'John Doe'. We went to the coroner's office, and when they brought out a picture of his face taken from a right above his face looking down. He looked somewhat like Alex, and one of his eyes were 'droopy', and I stated, "No, that's not him!", but, my son and his mother saw the picture and said, yes, it was him. Deep inside, I knew it was him, too. I just didn't want to believe it ... I still don't want to believe it.

It appears that when Alex jumped that fence, into the construction site, he landed into the complete darkness that we saw when we arrived there, where he walked right out to an edge where they are digging a huge underground parking structure and it drops immediately 25-30 feet to a cement base. Alex, fell over the edge, and plummeted to his death, striking the cement with his back skull and suffering major head trauma and dying instantly. We were not shown a body, and we couldn't understand why - until we understood why.

My life has forever changed in a way I wouldn't wish on anybody - I can't express how deep this pain goies, because it's unexplainable and I wouldn't know where to begin.

All I can say is that I am so overwhelmed with 'the Org's' members and to Val, Ben and Luv4U who set up the gofundme account, and for all of you who sent their sympathies and especially to those of you who doated your hard earned money to help me in getting all the funeral needs that needed to be done at the time. There isnt enough time in the world for me to thank each and every one of you. So, I'm hoping this post will do it for me.

We are still in shock - I keep wanting to wake up and snap out of this nightmare, but ever day I wake up, and every day I remember that our young, handsome, talented and loving young man, our 'little old man', is gone. Everyday, gone. Forever, gone. I still can't bear it.

Again, thank you for your donations, your love, well wishes and sympathies and to some of you, the flowers, thank you for that.

I can't thank Ben and Val enough, as they started this fund drive by making the first donation, then even paid for half the obituary notice in Alex's hometown paper. I will never forget the kindness you showed me during all this grief.

I will never forget my son, Alex. I wrote a couple songs in his honor, one the week he died and played it prior to the eulogy I wrote for him at the service. The one I am posting with this thread is one I started Friday and finished yesterday. It's pretty much explaining my state of mind now.

In closing, I just want to say that life is not a guarantee. My son was taken so young and I'll never understand why, but, I am comforted in the fact that he knew I was proud of him and that I loved him. He had a great evening and spent his final hours with his loving brother. He knew his mother loved him, too, and when he fell, he died instantly - as had he somehow survived hat fall, he would not have been the same person he was before he fell - he would have been permanently damaged in one way or another - and he would not have wanted to deal with any of that.

My son, Alex René Sanchez-Robinson, passed away on January 12, 2018.

I will love and miss him until I see him again ...

Thank you, and I love you guys ...

- June7

Tomás G Robinson senior moderator & staff member


[June7, "ModGod"]
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Reply #1 posted 02/06/18 6:37am



What a good soul and father. Much love to you and yours. Angel's wings aloft.

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Reply #2 posted 02/06/18 3:46pm



My condolences for your loss. hugrose

Rest in Peace Bettie Boo. See u soon.
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Reply #3 posted 02/06/18 6:05pm


Tomás, I am so very sorry for you, your ex-wife, and your other son's loss. I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of pain you all must be feeling. Much love, many prayers for you and your family.

I'm listening to the song you've written for your son and sitting here and crying. Such a beautiful song and so heartfelt.

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Reply #4 posted 02/07/18 10:11am



Much love. Sending prayers. May your son Rest in peace.

How long do you wanna be loved. Is forever enough, is forever enough?
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Reply #5 posted 02/07/18 11:23pm



Your family sounds lovely. Your son was blessed to be a part of it as were you to be his dad. I'm so sorry for your loss, and the difficult time you are going through. Healing prayers for you and yours. There is strength in numbers. Keep one another close.
Peace, light, love.
It's a hurtful place, the world, in and of itself. We don't need to add to it. We all need one another. ~ PRN
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Reply #6 posted 02/08/18 12:04am



Your post just made me cry and I am so so so sorry for your loss... You are right that there is no guarantee is life and we just don't know how long we have to spend with those that are dearest to us. A sobering reminder to make the most of the time we have with those we love. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm glad that you have so many people who have supported you and your family during an unimaginable time of grief. My heart goes out to you and your family... rose I think I'll call my son tomorrow and tell him how much he means to me...

...I know the world is done
but you don't have to be...
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Reply #7 posted 02/08/18 1:49pm



Such moving words. I pray that you and your loved ones gain peace of mind from all of this.

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future...
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Reply #8 posted 02/09/18 4:34pm


I am truely sorry for your loss and I hope the beautiful memories you have bring you peace dove

[Edited 2/9/18 16:35pm]

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Reply #9 posted 02/10/18 11:37am


You are very welcome June7.....I only wished I could give more. I will continue to keep you and the family in my heart and prayers. Thanks for sharing from your heart and know that your precious son's spirit and memories are there to be cherished when you are ready.

Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything more I can do. hug

Prince, in you I found a kindred spirit...Rest In Paradise.
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Reply #10 posted 02/10/18 3:21pm



I am so deeply sorry for your loss. May God give you and your family strength, love and comfort during this difficult time. rose


We are here for you. prince

"With love, honor, and respect for every living thing in the universe, separation ceases, and we all become one being, singing one song." - Prince Roger Nelson (1958-2016)
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Reply #11 posted 02/10/18 7:42pm


You are a wonderful Father, who hugged his son and told him he loved him the last time you saw him. I want to say more, but there are no words. Strength and courage to all of your family. Thank you for sharing Alex's story and music.
Tears go here. rose

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Hugs always June7. hug

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~ Same as it ever was ...
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Reply #14 posted 02/11/18 7:28pm



pray rose

Keep Calm & Listen To Prince
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Reply #15 posted 02/12/18 1:39am



I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your boy. I am crying as I type this. As a father of three kids myself I can't begin to imagine the pain you must be experiencing. I wish you all the strength in the world.

RIP Prince: thank U 4 a funky Time!
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Reply #16 posted 02/13/18 4:05pm



June, I have been off the org for months and I am just seeing this. Please know that I am sending so many supportive hugs. So much loving, light and prayers hug

2010: Healing the Wounds of the Past....
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Reply #17 posted 02/18/18 3:20am



Thank you for sharing this... I'm very sorry. Hope everyone finds the strength to get through the worst of it. sad

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Reply #18 posted 02/19/18 9:33am


Blessings and condolences.

John 14:18

Good night, sweet Prince | 7 June 1958 - 21 April 2016

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Reply #19 posted 02/19/18 12:27pm


I can't even imagine what you and your family have been through. My deepest condolences.
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Reply #20 posted 02/26/18 8:15pm



I've been gone for a while and just read this thread. Your story broke my heart and I am so sorry. bheart broken sad sad cry wilted Much strength and love to you and your family.

"Let love be your perfect weapon..." ~~Andy Biersack
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