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Wed 16th Aug 2017 6:38pm
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There is no way to describe how we all feel. Most of us "only" knew Prince through his music, but that was more than enough for him to have had a profound effect on our lives. Seeing the outpouring of love and respect on social media, in the press, on public structures cast in purple glow, and by the legions of people who celebrated his life as he would want it to be -- by coming together and dancing all over the globe, has been so touching to us all at This site has always been about the fans first, but obviously without the man, there would be no fans. We now honor the genius musician, the visionary, the icon, and most of all the human that was Prince, and offer our deepest shared sympathies. We knew and loved his music, and made it part of our lives, our soul, our being; that's the ultimate tribute, and as a result, he will live eternally. Prince, you will be forever in our life, forever in our hearts, forever on our stereos. wish u heaven.

--Ben, founder of, 4/22/2016

Virtual Paisley Park Memorial Tour

Gigapixel Imaging, a company headquartered just down the road from Paisley Park, and counting Prince fans on their staff, has made a super-cool 'virtual tour' of the PP fence and paths, showing the entirety of the amazing memorial fans have created. It's like higher-res Google StreetView, where you can see all of the wonderful tributes people have left. Check it out -- it's so touching, and really helps "take you there". Big props to Gigapixel! (Discussion on this thread)

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Prince Estate and Pantone unveil custom color - Love Symbol #2

Our very own Prince now officially has his very own color in collaboration with Pantone. It's called Love Symbol #2 smile Posted by jayceman in Prince: Music and More (74 comments)

Exclusive! Q&A with Sharon Nelson!

We did an interview with Prince's sister Sharon - check out the answers here! Posted by June7 in Prince: Music and More

Steve Parke - Picturing Prince (US Release - Sep 5th)

Steve Parke's awesome book, "Picturing Prince" which has been out for a few months already in the UK, will see a US release in September! Posted by TrivialPursuit in Prince: Music and More (14 comments)

** EXCLUSIVE!! ** Prince's Sister - SHARON NELSON - Agrees to Org Interview! ** EXCLUSIVE!! **

Sharon Nelson has graciously agreed to answer questions from us Orgers. This is a monumental moment for us as this hasn't been done at any other Prince fansite. Well, we are 'the Org'! Posted by June7 in Prince: Music and More (160 comments)

Prince's official YouTube account reactivated

It seems that the account originally created in March 2014 has been re-activated with several new uploads! Go watch! Posted by bluegangsta in Prince: Music and More (203 comments)

RIP John Blackwell

It's been confirmed by his wife, that legendary NPG drummer John Blackwell has passed away. Rest In Peace, John - we will never forget you. Posted by KoolEaze in Associated artists & people (120 comments)

Purple Rain Deluxe - OUT NOW!

The long-awaited Purple Rain Deluxe release is here, with the remastered original album, a disc of unreleased songs, a disc of edits and extended mixes, and a DVD of Prince & The Revolution live from Syracuse. Check it out, Purple People! Posted by Militant in Prince: Music and More (251 comments)

Purple Rain Deluxe Tracklist CONFIRMED by APPLE.

And here it is! When pre-orders start, Electric Intercourse will be available right away. Posted by Militant in Prince: Music and More (973 comments)

The Prince Tribute ” This Thing Called Life” - June 8-10, 2017

Featuring core members of the NPG for 3 nights. Click on link for more details and to purchase tix. Doors open at 7:00 PM - Show starts at 8:00 PM. Presale Tix are $45.00 - Day of event tix will be $55.00. At the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis. Posted by luv4u in Concerts (23 comments)


I've been trying to figuore out what to say today.

I can't seem to think of nothing else but what

happened twelve months ago - then it came to me ...

I hope you enjoy it - June7 Posted by June7 in Prince: Music and More (49 comments)

EXCLUSIVE - Purple Rain Deluxe Tracklist Revealed!

The news we have all been waiting for. Purple Rain Deluxe... it's coming! Posted by Militant in Prince: Music and More (634 comments)

Former Prince engineer Ian Boxill releases 6 song Prince EP, "Deliverance"

New Prince EP "Deliverance" released by engineer Ian Boxill - seemingly against the wishes of the Estate, who have filed a lawsuit! Posted by bonnie184 in Prince: Music and More (586 comments)

PRNFamily Presents: Dance On 'Til Dawn 2017 Celebration After Party April 22, 2017 [SOLD OUT]

Come Dance with Us as we Celebrate the Life and Music of our brother Prince in continuing with his tradition of the After Party where we Danced to the Music Until Dawn. Featuring some awesome musical guests. Link to tickets and other info. Get them fast while they are still available. Posted by LaVisHh in Concerts (2 comments)

Andy Warhol Estate Sues over Image of Prince

The pop artist's estate is suing in an effort to avoid being sued itself. The estate of pop art icon Andy Warhol is suing a photographer to protect his legacy from her claim that he copied her photo of Prince, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in New York federal court. Posted by rap in Prince: Music and More (13 comments)

Lenny Kravitz to Honor Prince at Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

Takes place on April 7, 2017 at the Brooklyn Barclays Center where Lenny Kravitz will perform a special tribute to Prince. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will air on HBO April 29th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. A special exhibit dedicated to the 2017 class will open at the Rock Hall in Cleveland March 31st. Posted by rogifan in Prince: Music and More (153 comments)

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Honest question: if Prince's father was the original composer of elements of the Purple Rain melody or even if his work was a subtle inspiration to it, why is that necessarily a bad thing? Sharon definitely left that answer open/vague - and I'm not sure if that was totally on purpose OR if mystique/speaking in riddles is a family trait. IMO - her making it a point to say that PR was one of her faves because "she heard the melody first" from their dad more than likely speaks to there being some kind of fond family memory associated with the melody and later the song. But that's just me...

With that said, I understand everyone's desire to preserve Prince's legacy, but thatt doesn't take ANYTHING away from Prince at all. And frankly, with Prince's varied interests in many styles of music and growing up with a father who seemed to frequently be composing music, I would be VERY surprised if there never was any overlap between music he heard growing up and the music he later created. James Brown, for example, is ALL OVER some of Prince's funk output, so why wouldn't John Nelson be?

”—PurpleMusic07, 8/17 in the forums

I strongly disagree with those turning up their noses at suggestions of content that has been previously bootlegged. I feel that if you've enjoyed content that Prince didn't officially release over the years, you owe it to his legacy to support the material if given an official release. Just because you and I have heard this content does not mean that it should remain officially in the Vault, and new fans curious to explore the mythology behind Prince's Vault deserve to be rewarded with tracks that most of us know and love. I was very touched when "Moonbeam Levels" was officially available for the world to hear, and I didn't think twice about buying it because I already had it unofficially. Prince has a lot of great songs that are widely celebrated among the fan base despite not having an official release, and those songs deserve the recognition of an official release.

Of course, we all want to hear stuff that is unknown to us as well, but given Sharon's response to the question regarding a premium subscription service, I'm sure the estate is aware that the hardcore fans will gobble up just about whatever is put up on such a service.

”—Moonbeam, 8/17 in the forums

“I personally don’t think much about the Stevie Nicks comment it’s all opinion, as for Jay Z he listened to my brothers song Controversy and then he talks about the estate in order to create controversy to sell his new album, pretty clever. Some of his comments in the one song in particular shows he didn’t do his homework regarding what is really going on which was totally inaccurate on his part.

- Sharon Nelson on Stevie Nicks and Jay-Z”
June7, 8/17 in the forums

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